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Are you searching for a qualified, competent and professional estate planner in Singapore?

Do you feel that you need someone to guide you to make a more informed decision on the distribution of your estates or assets when writing your will?

Or you just want someone to assist you to execute your plans or wishes?

You have come to the right place.. You really did..

Our estate planners are proficient and experience in handling all kinds of life and business situation. Throughout the years in the industry, we have helped numerous business owners, business entities and individuals to develop a comprehensive plan to protect your assets and draft your wishes to prevent any possible legal disputes.

Additionally, we also help individuals to plan and assist in the application of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) documentation and create a trust.

About Estate Planning Singapore

Estate Planning Singapore is a website owned by Leads Engine Consultancy (Registration No.: 53339516W), which exist to promote an all-inclusive, thorough and comprehensive estate planning solutions to business owners, business entities and individuals who are looking to protect your assets and finally, distributing your estates to your love ones. This comprehensive service is complete and fulfilled by our preferred partner, RockWills. 

Do take time to understand more about the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of our website.

Want To Engage Our Professional Estate Planners?

If you would like to meet up with our estate planners, please contact us at (+65) 9380 2839 or you can fill up your questions in our enquiry form and we will connect with you shortly.



(+65) 9380 2839


At Estate Planning Singapore, our competent and professional Estate Planner takes time to understand the details about your business and your life.

No matter how complex the situation is, we will do our best to assist in planning and developing an actionable solution for your asset distribution and protection.


Contact Number:

(+65) 9380 2839


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