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Are you looking for a fast and efficient will writing service NOW? 

Are you afraid that if one day, you are not in the right or sound mind to make decision, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) document can help you so that your financial accounts can still be liquid?

Do you feel that you need to find somewhere to store a will so that your beneficiaries do not know what you have planned out for them?

Do you think that you want to protect your assets by setting up a private trust?

Do you want to engage a professional Trustee Service from a Private Trust Management Company?

You can stop worrying.. WE CAN HELP..

All you need is to take ACTION NOW…

Just follow the simple instructions given and we will be able to assist in your estate planning process:



  • Please call us immediately for emergency cases. For example, if you are at the hospital bed and need our service now. Our team will rush down to where you are to fulfill your wish.


  • You may also fill up your contact details on the form provided below and we will get in touch with you shortly.



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At Estate Planning Singapore, our competent and professional Estate Planner takes time to let you understand the details of your business and your life.

No matter how complex the situation is, we will do our best to assist in planning and developing an actionable solution for your asset distribution and protection.



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(+65) 9380 2839


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