Make a will in Singapore

How To Make A Will in Singapore

Drafting a will is an essential aspect of estate planning; however, most persons put off making a will either because they would rather not entertain the notion of dying or they are not sure on how to go about it. Well, the brutal truth is we all get the die someday, so it’s pertinent we make plans towards that day by writing a will and honestly, with the right information, is no difficult task.

There are three common routes which persons who seek to make a will take and these courses are outlined in this article.

Engage A Lawyer

This is the default path for most individuals looking to will writing. Engaging a lawyer means you get to enjoy the professional legal advice on how to distribute your assets, ensure clarity of the will and avoid mistakes during the draft to prevent the will being contested afterward.

However, engaging a lawyer is often an expensive task as there is a range of fees which you incur depending on the complexity of your will. This is probably a reason most persons aren’t too eager to employ their services and would rather seek alternative routes which are about as effective and more affordable.

Make A Will Yourself

If you are looking to save cost or you naturally love doing things yourself, this is probably the right path for you. You can make a will without consulting a professional, and several persons successfully do so. There are even online will writing services that afford you the speed and convenience a lawyer would probably not give you, and you get to save a significant amount of money so doing.

However, it is also very easy to make mistakes when writing or signing a will that may invalidate it and you don’t benefit from the protection you’d get if a professional to advise you.

Engage A Professional Estate Planner

Professional estate planners or will writers can serve as alternatives to lawyers, but unlike lawyers, they don’t have to be regulated or qualified. Therefore, you have to be careful when employing the service of a professional estate planner by ensuring he is a member of a recognized trade body.

Professional estate planners are cheaper and more affordable, and although they cannot give legal advice, they will look and advise on the entire property holistically which ensures your estate is properly administered.

After The Will….

After will writing, you should keep your will is a safe location so that upon your demise, the will can be easily found by your executor (the person that is going to administrate your estate). You may engage professional will custody service to keep your will.

Who Are We?

We are a group of professional will writers that provides will writing service in Singapore. Our will writers with many years of experience has written numerous and probably the biggest in Singapore. Our client are very satisfied with our unique and holistic approach to their estate or inheritance.

At Estate Planning Singapore, we believe providing the best and more affordable solutions to your will writing needs.

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