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Before we start, let’s take a look at this family that has a member of the family that is struggling with mental incapacity and how it could possibly hurt the relationship with your love ones.



What is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?


The Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document for you, the donor, to nominate one or more people who is/are called the donee(s), to make decision on your behalf in the event that you are  unable to make decision due to mental incapacity. When applying for the LPA document, you must be at least 21 years old and above.

To give a practical example..

When a person is suffering from dementia, one of the common symptom is memory loss. This could post a serious problem and might hinder the daily life. 

If an LPA was made, the trusted donee(s) could make decisions on his/her behalf and access and make decision on the bank accounts, Central Provident Fund (CPF) accounts and more.

There are two broad areas that you can appoint to act on your behalf and they are mainly:

  1. personal welfare
  2. property & affair matters.


Who Can Be My Donee?


You can appoint anybody to be your donee as long as this person is above the age of 21 years old. You may nominate your spouse, relatives, siblings and even a company (limited powers). 

Your appointed donee should be someone that you trust and you believe that he/she is reliable and competent enough to act on your behalf.


What Forms Do I Need To Fill?


You are required to fill up the following forms:

  1. Application Form
  2. LPA Form (Either Form 1 or Form 2)
  3. A photocopies of a clear NRIC of donor and all participating donee(s) including replacement donees (if any)

For LPA Form 1, you may use this form to give general powers to your donee(s).

For LPA Form 2, you may use this form if you would like have more specific powers given to your donee(s) to act on your behalf. Please kindly note that it is required for you to engage a lawyer to make LPA Form 2.

You may also give very specific powers to your donee(s) related to the following:

  1. Personal welfare
  2. Properties & Affairs
  3. Both your personal welfare and properties & affair matters

If you are unsure on how to fill the form and is not confident of what are the powers to give to your donee(s), then you are highly encouraged to consult a lawyer to understand about the specific powers when filling the form.


Does My LPA Application Need To Be Certified?



After filling up the forms required, your forms have to be certified by a Certified Issuer.

A Certified Issuer may be either:

  1. An accredited medical doctor
  2. A practicing lawyer
  3. A registered psychiatrist

The Certified Issuer have to sign and certify that the donor knows and understands fully what are the implications when making an LPA.

The Certified Issuer have to also make sure that the donor is not under duress, fraud and undue pressure when applying for the LPA.


What If I Don’t Have An LPA?


If you do not have an LPA registered before mental incapacity happens, someone (most likely is the next-of-kin) will have to go to the court and apply to be a Deputy so that he/she can make decision on your behalf.

The process to apply for the Deputy is very long and expensive. Therefore, we will not encourage you to rely on that and take proactive effort to make your LPA. 

Check out this video to understand more:



How My Donee Act On My Behalf?

When you have registered for your LPA, it is the best thing that you have done for your family and your love ones. It really help to ease their stress when they need to handle your personal and financial matters.

Check this video to understand more:



Its Quite Tedious! I’m Afraid That I Fill Up The Form Wrongly


We understand that there are many steps that you need to do and consider when registering for your LPA.

We also understand that you might fill up the forms wrongly and could be rejected.

We totally understand your concerns and struggles.

We are your solution and we can help.

Since you have to get a Certified Issuer to certify your LPA..

Since you have to understand what specific powers you are giving to your donee(s),

And since you need to submit your correctly filled LPA form.. 

It is highly recommended that you engage a professional to assist you and ease your worries from this process.

Your tedious work can all be shortened and we will help you submit your LPA application to the relevant authority on your behalf.

After which, you just need to relax, wait for the confirmation and your LPA is registered!



How Much Does It Cost?


Do you know that the cost for helping you to apply for your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is at reasonable price of $250?

Yes, it is that affordable!

We believe that nobody should be penalized because of high cost for making such an important document and therefore, we have made it economical for any working adult.

And we rather give you this affordable price than for you to pay for the high cost if the person don’t have the LPA done up and the family members have to apply from the court which will be even more costly.


Who Are We?

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