Should I Draft Down My Wish To Donate My Organs in Singapore?


During will writing, should I state my wish about donating my organs?

Which part of my organs can I donate?

We provide all the necessary information you need about organ donations while making a will.

What is Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA)?

The HOTA allows the removal of specific organs when the person is pronounced dead for the purpose of transplantation. Since November 2009, HOTA will cover all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents that is at least 21 years old and above who are not mentally disordered and of a sound mind. Previously, there was a upper age limit of 60 years old. It has since been removed.

Which Are The Organs That Can Be Removed For The Purpose of Transplantation?


The four organs that that are covered under HOTA are kidney, liver, heart and corneas.

These organs can be recovered in the event of death for the purpose of transplantation.

How Does HOTA Affect Me?


All Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents are subjected to HOTA once you reached the age of 21 years old. It means that in the event of death, your organs can be donated for the purpose of transplantation.


If I Don’t Feel Comfortable, Should I Write In My Will To State My Wishes?


When writing a will, you do not need to write your decision on organ donations. if you do not want to be covered under the Act. All you need to do is just to download and complete a form to opt out from HOTA.


What Are The Implications For Opting Out of HOTA?


When the person has opted out from HOTA, if one day, he/she needs an organ transplantation, he/she will be
given lower priority for receiving an organ on transplant in the future. This implications only affect the specific organs that the person opt out from.

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