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Are you looking to create a trust fund?

Do you want to protect your assets from creditors?

Finding a Trust Company to be your Trustee?

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We are a Private Trust Management Company that provide advise and solutions to protect your assets by creating a trust fund for you. We will act as your Trustee and provide the necessary administration service for setting up a trust in Singapore.


What Is A Trust Fund?


A Trust fund is created by the Settlor and transfer the legal title of the Trust property to the Trustee. The Trustee will manage and act in the interest and the benefits of the Beneficiaries.

This special relationship or structure is created for various reasons.

One possible reason will be to protect your assets from creditors.

Another possible reason for setting up a Trust is so that in the event that you pre-maturely passed away, your growing children who is still a minor, will be able to continue be funded by the Trust you created.


Setting Up A Trust Singapore


So, during our estate planning process, we will be able to determine whether it is advisable to set up a Trust fund for you or a normal written will can do the job.


Who Can Be A Trustee?


Now that we understand that the Settlor will entrust the asset or property to the Trustee. Then, who can be a Trustee? Who is trustworthy enough to hold responsible of the title of the property and yet, act in the interest of your Beneficiaries?

Well, two kind of people can be your Trustee:


  1. Natural person
  2. Trust Corporation


Let’s see:

You may appoint a person to be your Trustee and entrust the particular asset under the person to act on the interest of the Beneficiary.

But.. Is this the best choice?

Or…. is there a better solution?

You will agree with me that although you trust this person and believe that he or she will act in the interest of the beneficiary. But, when a huge asset is placed upon him, do you think that there may be a chance that greed may get ahead of him? We saw a real life example of a Trustee pocketing almost $176,000 from the Trust.

Do you want to leave it to an uncertainty that human’s greed who may take over him or find a better solution?


What we propose is that you can entrust your asset with a Trust Corporation, which is the second option.

A Trust company is governed by professional work ethics and governed by regulators to ensure that the corporation acts in the interest and benefit of the Beneficiaries.


Why Appoint A Professional Trustee?


Appointing a professional trustee have various benefits and it ensures that your beneficiaries will benefit in this whole trust relationship.

Previously, we have spoken a point that a person’s greed could be one factor that you want to consider when choosing who to be your Trustee. You might want to engage a professional Trustee so minimize any human greed.

One considerations that you could think of is that if we entrust a person to be your Trustee, what happen if he passed away? Who is going to make sure that your beneficiaries continue to benefit from this trust that you have created?

Professional Trustee Singapore


Therefore, understanding the importance of a choosing the right Trustee when creating your Trust is essentially important.


Who Are We?

We are a professionals from Private Trust Management Company that assist in creating a trust for you and also provide Trustee Services to ensure that all your assets left in the Trust is well managed and benefit your Beneficiaries. During your inheritance planning, our estate planners will assist and guide you through and when there is a need to create a trust, we will advise accordingly.

Want To Engage In Our Trustee Services?

If you would like engage in our Trustee Services, our professionals from Private Trust Management Company will assist in setting up your fund, please contact us at (+65) 9380 2839 or you can fill up your questions in our enquiry form and we will connect with you shortly.

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