What Happen If I Die Without A WIll

What Happens If I Die Without A Will In Singapore?

Making a will is a task most persons would rather not think not to talk of executing. However, death rarely has such misgivings; it strikes without warning, and if such an individual dies without leaving specific instructions (in the form of a will) on how his estate is to be distributed, it could leave things in disarray.

The Singapore government is aware of this and the issues which may arise afterward; therefore, there are specific laws put in place to guide the distribution of the individual’s estate if he dies without a will. These rules are outlined in the Intestate Succession Act of the Singaporean government which is as follows:

  • The deceased’s spouse gets everything in the absence of children or parents
  • The deceased’s spouse and children each gets half of the deceased’s property when there is a spouse and children
  • When there are only children survivors, they get everything in equal proportion, and if a child is dead, his grandchildren (if any) get their share in the same proportion.
  • If only the deceased’s spouse and parents are the only survivors without any children, they both get half in equal proportions.
  • If the parents are the only survivors and there is no spouse or children, they get everything in the same proportion.
  • If the only survivors are the deceased’s brothers and sisters or children of the deceased’s brother or sister, they get equal portions and if they are deceased, their children can claim their share in equal portions.
  • If the deceased’s only survivors are the deceased’s grandparents, they take the estate in equal portions.
  • If the only survivors of the deceased are his uncles and aunts, they take the estate in equal portions.
  • If the deceased has no survivors, the government takes everything.

However, it must be noted that this Intestate Succession Act does not apply to Muslims as the distribution of the property of a Muslim domiciled in Singapore as at the time of his death follows the dictates of the Muslim law and the Syariah Court.

This situation though clearly addressed by the government is no way most persons would want their estate administered upon their death. It’s, therefore, pertinent that every individual to engage an estate planner that provide a will writing service to them. Hiring an estate planning company not only plan for your inheritance, they will also be able to give a holistic advise in all areas of protecting your assets. An example will be during an event of mental incapacity, the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) document will assist you and your family lesser hassle when handling your finances.

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