For most working adults, young or old, there is a misconception that will writing is for elderly that are approaching their death bed and till then, it will be more appropriate to make a will. And because of this misconception, many folks like you and me who are young working adults to adults that already have family of two children, thinks that it is not important or “not the time” to draft the will yet.

Because of the “not the time” syndrome, there is a huge amount of parents with families, with many dependents to take care and big liabilities that they are still paying and yet, they are not making a will to make sure that if something mishap happens, your loved ones and assets are well distributed.

So, here are the reasons that you should write your will now.

You Never Know When Accident Struck

Some of you might think that “aiyah, accidents won’t happen to me” because I am very cautious and careful person. I used to have the following sentiments and totally agree with what you said. But, as I am driving along the road, I start to realise that sometimes, it is not just about being cautious yourself. The question is, can you assure that the person driving on your right or behind is more cautious than you?

We all don’t want to meet with an accident but, let’s face it. Life can be just gone within a split of a second if another person is not careful or cautious.

You Loved Ones Needs You And Your Money

Believe it or not, we are not living in a world that is that of a fairy tale. We are living in a practical world where money or finances is the language we speak everyday. If you are a sole breadwinner of your family, it is paramount importance that you make your will because your spouse and your growing up children needed, not just your emotional support, but also, need your finances so that they can grow up in a holistic environment.

If one day, for some reason, you pre-maturely passed on, then how will your loved ones going to grow up not suffering financially?

Applying For Letters of Administration Is Very Long

If you do not make a will, your inheritance will be distributed based on Intestate Succession Act and will need to apply for the Letters of Administration with the court so that the monies can be used for your loved ones. This process takes very long and what will happen, when the court is still processing the documents needed for distribution of your assets?

Is your children going to study and work just to make ends meet?


Making a will is not difficult. It just takes an afternoon and you will be able to make a simple will so that your loved ones are secured of their future.

We are professional will writers that provide comprehensive will writing services in Singapore to assist you to make your will. In addition, we also understand about your assets and provide a holistic estate planning solutions for you.

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