Here are the guide to writing your will:

Have 2 Person As Your Witnesses

In Singapore, if you would like to make a will, it is mandatory to have 2 witnesses while you are writing your will.

What if I did not have these witnesses present when I am signing the document?

This document will not be valid.

The next question will be, who should be the witnesses?

It is advisable to find minimum 2 person to be your witness and should be independent of any relationship with you.

Write Your Wish Clearly 

I believe this is idiot proof that if your wish is not written clearly and be read by anybody, then your message is not clear.

Always use digitally written document to write your will because that will ensure that your words are written clearly and professionally.

Explore Making A Trust

If you would like to just distribute your assets to your next generation, then having a will done up is good enough.

But, if you would like to have more complex and complicated arrangements to your assets or estate, then it is best that you can create a trust.

Find An Estate Planner

It is highly encouraged to engage a professional estate planner to write your will. An estate planner provides professional will writing service to you and make sure and guide you to make a better will.

Explore Storing Your Will

If you have done up a will and in the event of your passing, your will cannot be found.

It is as good as you have not written your will.

Having to locate your will after your passing is very important as it is a legal document that is submitted to the court.

We provide a comprehensive will custody service to make sure that your will can be located upon the passing of the person.



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