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Storage of Wills

IMPORTANT: The will custody service is exclusive to clients who write a will with us. This is to facilitate the ease of estate administration for our clients when the need arises. 


Why Must I Safe keep My Will?

After you have done your will, I’m sure that you want to be assured that your Last Will and Testament will be delivered to, and only to, the executor(s) when the need arises who produces the death certificate. 


What Are The Duties of Executors?


Your executors must be able to locate your will before he/she is able to facilitate the estate administration like applying for the Grant of Probate. 

Duties of Executors


So, think about it, if your executor is unable to find you will, how is he/she able to go apply for the Grant of Probate and distribute your assets based on what you have written?


What is Will Custody?


Will custody is a service that we provide for anybody that wants to store and safe keep their legal will document in a private and confidential place.

Where will you keep this important document?

I believe your reply will be similar to most people and keep in some of these common places:

  1. In their own safe at home or anywhere that you think is safe in your house
  2. Safe deposit box in the bank

I am not saying that it is wrong to keep this document in these places. But, my question to you is…

Is this the best solution for such an important document?

Or is there a better choice?

Let’s see:

I believe when you make your legal Will document, most people will not discuss the details of the Will and tell anybody where you keep your Will document. That might include your Executor (An Executor is a person that will help you to administer the distribution of your estates according to the Will). 

So, can I say that, you are probably the only person that knows where exactly is the location of the Will?

So, may I know, how does your love ones or even your Executor knows where exactly is this document?

Just think about it…

And interestingly..

Some people left the legal Will document in the safe bank deposit thinking that it is probably the safest and private place. Just for your information, do you know that in the event that the person has passed away, the safe deposit together with the bank account are freeze? Nobody is allowed to have access to any of the accounts when the person has passed away.

Just think about this very seriously..

If for some reason, you are suffering from mental incapacity, like dementia or senile, do you think you will remember where you have placed your Will document in your house or in which bank?

If your Will cannot be found or cannot be retrieved when you have passed away, it is as good as you have not make a Will!


Where Should I Store My Will?


We provide a professional Will Custody service to store your Will in a private and confidential location. What we will do for you is that we will scan a digital soft copy of the original Will. After which, we will keep the soft copy in our secured server. The original Will will then be kept in a fire and waterproof vault.

Additionally, we will also provide you with a custody card for your love ones. During the appropriate time, your loved ones will be informed that the original Will is under our custody and they can come to retrieve the original Will. This whole service will allow your original Will and the soft copy to be kept privately and confidentially.

If you go through this whole process with us, nobody knows about what you have written in your Will. Nobody is capable to access your Will document for tampering, stealing and damaging it. When it is at the appropriate time, your loved ones are able to retrieve the Will easily without hassle to process the distribution of your assets according to your will.

Don’t you think this is a much secured way to store your will?


Who Are We?

I am an Estate Planner and a licensee of Precepts Legacy, able to provide guidance on how to have a comprehensive estate planning using Wills and Trusts. I can help you in writing your Will and introducing professionals from Precepts Trustee Ltd to be the executor and trustee of your Will. 


Want To Engage Our Will Custody Service?

If you would like us to help you to store your legal will document, please contact us at (+65) 9380 2839 or you can fill up your questions in our enquiry form and we will connect with you shortly.

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